Chakra zones of the face

Written By: 
Verdel Maclean

After nearly two decades working as an aroma, beauty and skincare therapist I have learnt a great deal about true beauty. When treating a client’s skin, especially their face, it is obvious that beauty is not purely controlled by genetics, cosmetics, the environment and diet. The state of your emotional, mental and spiritual life is also reflected through your skin.

Traditional Oriental practitioners believe that by reading the skin as you would a map, they can determine the mental, physical and spiritual health of their patients. When they see various skin colourations and conditions on different parts of the face, it often indicates different issues. This type of diagnosis is based on the idea that each area of the face is governed by a particular meridian, or energy pathway, that corresponds to specific organs in the body. An example of this diagnosis is breakouts on the chin may indicate problems with the reproductive organs. In particular, the line that runs from the edge of the mouth down the chin represents each ovary. Similarly if the areas either side of the chin show whiteness and blotchiness or congestion (a tiny granular feeling just under the skin), it could be due to Candida (yeast infection).

For many years I have been influenced by this technique of face reading, gradually my understanding of health and beauty expanded, and rather than just gaining clues as to what may be out of balance within a client from what appeared on their facial ‘map’, I started to use this information in association with the Chakras.

The study of the Chakra System is vast and can be difficult to understand, however Chakra literally means ‘wheel of light’. Through our chakras we store, filter, transmit and receive energy information (life-force) or chi. This energy helps enliven or animate the cell tissues, organs and systems of the body, which helps support and sustain life. Each chakra corresponds to emotions, senses and spiritual issues.

One of the main reasons why our chakras are not able to function is because of emotional stress, which could originate from various areas in your life such as work, financial, relationships, self-esteem and abuse issues all of which impact on the flow of energy to our chakras system. When this flow is greatly reduced we are more susceptible to illness. There are several ways of promoting healthy Chakras. One method involves exposing the Chakras to energy vibrations similar to the ones in which healthy Chakras vibrate. I have developed a range of natural products that work in synergy with the bodies energy system, promoting the recognition and release of emotional and spiritual imbalances within the Chakras. For more information please contact, Verdel Maclean founder of Anoint at Suite 2, Victoria Court,
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